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System 4000

System 4000

Frame Works AFM is proud to present the System 4000 shelving system.  Can be supplied with or without the outrigger / top storage facility.


Specialty Stores
Fuel Outlets
Fruit & Veg Stores
Convenience Stores
Stationery Stores
Automotive Storage
Warehouse Storage
Liquor Stores
Variety Stores
Hardware Stores

Load capacity

  • All cantilevered steel and wire shelves are rated to 115kg
  • Top shelf with 1830x40x40 beam: 300kg
  • Top shelf with 915x40x40 beam: 900kg


  • Posts are available in Single Sided "L" and Double Sided "T" configurations
  • Frames to suit Single Sided and Double Sided configurations.
  • Wire baskets, dividers and shelf fronts available
  • Any combination of frame height and module length available


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Frame HeightsModule LengthBay LengthShelf Depth
 1500mm915mm915mm 305mm
1800mm 1830mm  355mm
 2150mm  405mm
2250mm   470mm
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